What will president Joe Biden’s election bring to the international community?



After succeeding in the presidential election of November 2020, president Joe Biden has been confirmed at the head of the United States of America government. This confirmation, decided by the congress on January 6-7, not only has repercussions on the US but also is going to change many things in their foreign policy. What are they? Let’s find this out.

The policies that are about to change

If there is a thing everybody already knows about, it’s president Biden’s commitment to stand for climate change. Contrary to his predecessor who has got out of the Paris Climate Agreement, he does get back on February 19. His vision is as clear as he plans to reduce US emissions. Just to remind you, the US is the second world country with the highest emissions.

Beyond serving as an example for other nations, this decision could somehow throw again international collaboration including other sectors that were in the spotlight. The Iran nuclear deal and the Yemen crisis can be pointed out when it comes to talk about international policy. President Biden seems to fall for a less strict policy. He has meant he wanted to negotiate even though he maintains sanctions. Anyway, he opens a room for peaceful solutions.

What could remain the same

The American leadership has remained essential in the democracy's fight in all countries. So, it’s pretty sure that the US government will maintain its presence in Afghanistan contrary to what Trump decided before. In the same sense, for sure he will continue with sanctions against Russia for his international norms violations. And given that the new president is a supporter of American pro-Israel policy, he is also going to maintain what his predecessor did.

Another relation that will probably remain the same is the one the US got with China. It’s not only about ideology but also the economy, technology, etc. In this fight, it appears clear that the US needs to strengthen its friendship with other countries. That is normal, given that every country needs allies to lean on, especially given what the current Health situation did with international cooperation.

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