What did the dinosaurs eat?

Thousands of years ago, some reptiles populated the earth: they are dinosaurs. Even though these animals no longer exist today, they have been the subject of many studies. If some have been interested in the physics of these gigantic creatures, other studies have focused on their diet. This guide will tell you a little more if you don't know much about dinosaur nutrition. 

Herbivorous Dinosaurs

As their name implies, herbivorous dinosaurs only eat food from plant species. The site dinosaur-universe.com puts a special emphasis on the subject. Herbivorous dinosaurs fed on a multitude of plants. Bark, twigs, and leaves were also part of their diet. However, note that their diet was largely dependent on their size. Therefore, dinosaur species with long necks ate leaves from trees that were tall. 

However, the dinosaurs that were not tall were content to eat the grasses as well as the leaves that developed from the shrubs. On the other hand, the teeth also played an essential role in the menu of these prehistoric animals that fed on plant species. Thus, while some could not eat leaves or very hard bark, others consumed them easily. However, all herbivorous dinosaurs had one food in common, a plant that is the fern. 

The diet of carnivorous dinosaurs  

Carnivorous dinosaurs were excellent hunters. They fed only on meat. To hunt better, they needed powerful weapons. Some of them had long muscular legs. This allowed them to grab their various prey. Carnivorous dinosaurs have very sharp claws as well as very powerful jaws. 

Note that there are three kinds of carnivorous dinosaurs. The first category includes predatory dinosaurs. They often hunt herbivorous species. Scavenger dinosaurs fed mainly on dead animals. Fish-eaters usually eat fish. These species are not so different from today's crocodiles.




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