What are the requirements for travelling to Mexico?



You are planning to travel to Mexico, but you have no idea what formalities you need to complete. In addition to the usual formalities, a new tax has been established. Read this article to find out more about the new tax and what you need to do to travel to Mexico.

What is the new tax?

When travelling to certain destinations in Mexico, you are required to pay a tourist tax. Visitax CAncun is one of these taxes. The new tourist tax was implemented in April 2021 in one of the states in Mexico that includes dream tourist destinations. Indeed, this tax affects all foreign visitors who are at least 4 years old. Apart from tourism, even if you come to this state of Mexico to do business, you must pay this tax. Even if you come for medical treatment or training, you must pay this tax.

However, in order to save enough time, it is recommended that you pay online. You just need your passport, an e-mail address and a credit card to make the payment. You also have the possibility to make the payment before your departure, on arrival or at the end of your stay. Please remember that you must show the confirmation of payment before your return.

What are the other conditions of access to Mexico?

Since the arrival of Covid-19, many states require proof of vaccination before entering their territory. In Mexico, you are exempt from this proof of vaccination. In all Mexican states, you will never be required to show proof of vaccination. However, you may be subject to other limitations depending on the state you are visiting. In some states, for example, there is a quota on the use of public transport.

There is also no requirement for PCR testing. You are not required to take this test before entering Mexico. But some visitors are required to present a negative PCR test on their return to their home country to avoid quarantine.

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