What are the advantages and disadvantages of working with a clinical research network?

To have quality studies on your platform, you need to work with a clinical research network. This is the best way to achieve this. What are the advantages and disadvantages that come with this collaboration?

Why work with the clinical research network?

Working with a clinical research network allows some sites to benefit from in-depth studies. Being in collaboration with a clinical research network has many benefits to be aware of. First, research networks like MplusM have considerable connections that allow you to benefit from specific studies. With many sponsors, the studies offered by this type of network are numerous. With a clinical research network, you will be able to take advantage of several opportunities that are financially beneficial to your company. Collaborating with a clinical research network also allows you to benefit from the services of negotiating a suitable and attractive budget for your company. This is an advantage that your site cannot benefit from if you negotiate alone. This collaboration will also allow you to benefit from a vast network through which you will obtain better conditions. On the other hand, you are guaranteed a turnaround time. In general, it is 48 hours. Thus, the process is much more efficient and starts as soon as possible.

What are the disadvantages of working with them?

As you might expect, working with a research network also has some disadvantages. It is therefore important to look at these. The first disadvantage is the costs. The truth is that you have to pay a membership fee to the clinical research network to benefit from their service. This payment has to be made every month. However, this is related to particular types of research networks. These are the ones that only provide study leads. Unlike these, other networks charge commissions based on the studies conducted. Typically, these commissions are between 8 and 20% of the total value of the study. Although these fees seem too high, there is an upside to this. In fact, as long as the study is not carried out, you do not have to make any payments. However, in case of non-payment, some clinical research networks compensate their commission with budget increases.

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