Tourist travel: health and financial constraints

All over the world, when the vacations are coming up, many people decide to go to other countries for tourism in order to contemplate the wonders of nature. These tourists invest a lot of money and have a wonderful vacation. What are the constraints of a tourist? Many answers in the continuation of this article.

What are the financial requirements of a tourist in Mexico?

When traveling, each country has its requirements, which allows you to have a permit to do tourism. In Mexico, before entering one of its cities (Quintana Roo), go to Visitax, you will find out that in order to pay the tourist tax, you need a working email address and a valid credit card. Age is a determining factor in the payment of this tourist tax. When you are four years old or older, you are obliged to pay the tax. It is a process that takes only five minutes. You are submitted to a form, then you pay online and you receive a QR code in your email, which shows that you have actually paid the tax. If you want to come to Mexico for business, trade, health, and many other things make your schedule accordingly.

What are the health requirements in this Covid time?

Contrary to what happens in other countries, regarding Covid, in Mexico, the authorities do not require much from tourists, nor a vaccination booklet but they must respect the barrier gestures. It is true that a sanitary cordon is set up or traffic lights indicate the most dangerous areas and the areas without risks. The quarantine approach is not very topical but it is preferable to present a PCR test of 72 hours before leaving the country in order to avoid inconveniences in their countries of origin.

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