Some types of tools used to find email addresses

In order to easily find email addresses of any person or platform, several tools are used. Among these tools, others seem more qualified and effective. In the development of this article, we will present you some effective tools that allow you to get an email address as easily as possible.

Use a data enrichment tool

The data enrichment tool is one of the tools from a freemium version that tends to work in a different way on different targets. check out this url to have a precise idea on the subject.  Indeed, a data enrichment tool is an efficient tool to discover easily an email address. 
Not only does it help to find email addresses, it also helps to get more information about a person by simply writing their name, surname as well as the name of their company. Many platforms in this context exist on the market. These include social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, AngelList and Crunchbase. 
A data enrichment tool is the marketing way to use an advanced search in order to efficiently obtain the email of an interested person or a certain company.

Using Chrome extensions 

At this level, we can mention various Chrome extensions that can help to achieve this search. For this reason, we have kaspr, leadIQ, skrapp, Find that email and ColdCRM which have a free plan. They are usually the best ways for you to get started and compare results based on your target audience. For example, with Kaspr Chrome extension, it is the ideal element that provides live email monitoring. This one only gives exact email addresses. Similarly, when you target a person who works for multiple companies and platforms or on multiple projects, Kaspr is able to determine their multiple email addresses in a short time. 
There is also another Chrome extension that directly checks email addresses called LeadIQ. It allows you to create your list directly from the application and insert more additional data, such as where the company is located and its exact shape.  
These multiple tools will accompany you in your email address research. 

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