Some steps to change a kitchen tap in a mobile home

Nowadays, many plumbers prefer to use hard elastic fittings for kitchen taps in mobile homes. These fittings are not strong and can therefore easily crack or be damaged. This can cause enormous damage in the kitchen. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed if it occurs. In this article you will find out some steps to change a kitchen tap in a mobile home.

Remove the old tap 

To change a mobile home kitchen faucet, you first have to change the old, damaged faucet. To remove the old tap, the mechanical connection parts must be loosened from the solid material.  Home Page gives you more details on the subject. It is also necessary to unscrew the nuts of the materials that ensure the water supply. 

After these elements have been unscrewed, it is the turn of the control rod that you must remove from the drain. This removal requires the use of a screwdriver in order to undo the screws without causing further damage. After unscrewing, the control rod is gently pulled upwards. After unscrewing, the area where the valve was installed must be cleaned. It is advisable to use a chemical or natural product for cleaning.

Buy a new tap

After removing the tap that is no longer usable, it must be replaced. This means fitting another tap in its place. To buy a new tap, you have to go to a DIY shop, because mobile home kitchen taps are not the same as the taps that everyone else uses. To find out exactly what you need to replace the old one, you should take the dismantled tap with you. This ensures that you don't buy the wrong tap and that the new one can easily be fitted.  Care should be taken to select a tap that is ideal and meets your needs.

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