These places you could hold your first date  ?



Nowadays, most relationships happen on social networks and virtual dating platforms. Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram... serve as meeting places for many lovers. But after the virtual exchanges, the next step is the physical meeting, the first face to face. This is a crucial step in laying the foundations of the relationship. This article offers you a small selection of places to organise a first date.

In a restaurant: the classic !

Restaurants are probably one of the most popular places for first dates. And that's understandable. It's hard to be bored or not understand each other over a meal or a drink. If the restaurant you invite your partner to is his or her favourite, you will have scored big points. That's why you should think about finding out about your partner's culinary preferences before you invite him or her. This will make the date even more successful.

In the park

Imagine that your lover invites you on a first date to Central Park. Wouldn't you be thrilled ? No ? Of course,  you will be. If not Central Park, why not another park. There will be grass, trees, lots of flowers, birds, a duck pond. That's actually the perfect place for a first date. It's hard to see you saying no in such an atmosphere.

Going to the cinema

Yes, there is the coronavirus. But the cinemas have started to reopen. That's no longer an excuse. Invite your partner along. Imagine to start the adventure with a good love film. Or any poster of your choice. The idea is to get closer. The cinema is also a classic place to go on a first date.

Or why don't you go to the zoo, amusement park, beach or other places for your first date? The main thing is to have your first physical encounter in a place that will bring out great emotions between you and your partner.


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