On what basis should a photograph be qualified?

Several criteria allow to define a photograph. These criteria differ according to the professional. On which bases to qualify a photograph ? Find here the criteria which allow to qualify a photography. This article presents you the bases on which you can qualify a photographic work.

The purpose of an image

Each of the criteria that allow to qualify an image are based on different elements. That's why the purpose of an image is very important in order to qualify a photo. look at this for more information about photography. The purpose represents the goal for which the photo was made. 
Indeed, the purpose is not the same for everyone, because those who analyze the image do not have the same criteria of evaluation. There are therefore countless qualification criteria and purposes because they differ from one individual to another. If your image is made for pleasure, the criteria on which it will be judged will be related to the beauty, the originality, the colors or the context. These are the objective criteria.

Objective and subjective criteria

There are two forms of criteria that can be useful for the qualification of a photograph. Thus, we distinguish the subjective criteria and the objective criteria. Subjective criteria generally depend on the person who looks at your image. This person will implement his taste has acquired experience built over the years. It may happen that you to the person have opposite perceptions in front of the same photograph. The viewer will receive the message in a different way and you will have put a photographic intention. 
On the other hand, the objective criteria of a photo depend on some characteristics. These are the mastery of the composition, the mastery of the technique. We also have the mastery of the development and that of the diffusion. Unlike the subjective criteria, the objective criteria are in your hands.

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