International single data center

To facilitate the security of data stored on a server, the data center is the ideal location. There, the equipment is available and the experts are ready to ensure a network distribution with regard to electricity and cooling. Let's discover all the services of a data center.

The different services of the data center

The site offers different hosting packages. Effectively, Datacenter Hong Kong offers the advanced hosting package, but also the customized packages suitable for some websites. Unfortunately, the majority of these sites are prone to DDoS attacks. This causes a cessation of activity for a while or forever. It is to avoid this for the professional to anticipate the situation. Indeed, an anti-DDoS is the proper software to counteract data infections. The data center provides anti-DDoS hosting to protect the data of the sites according to a medium or high attack. Remote DDoS protection is also part of the services offered by the specialist. Within the same framework, the sites are entitled to simple VPS and managed VPS systems. As for the servers offered by the center, on the one hand, the sites can have access to DDoS protected servers or dedicated servers. On the other hand, some sites can choose the option of colocation. The center also handles the management of the chosen server and its installation.

Main features of the network installation

The data center holds a large network of international providers. This makes it possible to offer a wide connection all over the world and this thanks to the bandwidth carriers. The service is therefore provided continuously. With an accessible control system, it is possible to see all recordings under the surveillance of the camera every day. Of course, the electrical installation of the system is safe and does not cause any physical damage. The data center offers a large and high capacity network for private or collective storage. The network installation features a redundant N+1 cooling system. With a temperature of 22°C +/- under an estimated humidity of 50+/-10%. In addition, it is equipped with a device that alerts in case of water leakage and eliminates fires altogether.

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