How to start bodybuilding from scratch ?

Bodybuilding is now one of the most practiced sports activities in France. In fact, the number of people signing up for weight training in gyms is increasing day by day. If you are thinking about weight training, it is normal to wonder where to start. For a novice, the steps to start weight training are mentioned below.

Habitual training by learning the pioneers of strength training

The first thing to do when starting weight training is to have a weekly schedule. Whether you work out at home or join a gym, schedule workouts at least three times a week. This programming should be adhered to for the first three months. It not only allows the beginner to get used to it but also to have a gradual continuation of the fitness. However, you can continue to follow this schedule after three months. 
Once the programming is set, the activity to start with is the basic multi-joint movements. These are the squat pattern, hip extension and others. Still referred to as the pioneers of strength training, these movements allow you to acquire the basics of strength training. 
These movements must, at first, be mastered without putting any load. This avoids injuries and bad habits. Once you have mastered the movements, you can begin to put on loads while respecting the technique.

Include proper breathing patterns and single-joint movements

After mastering the basic movements and moving on to the heavy loads, it is then important to have control over your breathing. Breathing contributes enormously to the improvement of your performance. It also helps to avoid injury. You must therefore include a good breathing cycle in your movements. 
For more performance, you can add single-joint movements to the basic activities. These are a set of movements that reinforce the poly-joint movements. 
In addition to the basic multi-joint movements, the practice of single-joint movements allows you to have a better result. You can therefore practice them at the end of the session. As single joint movements, you can practice lateral raises, biceps curls, kick backs for triceps and others. 

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