Gamned Agency : the pioneer of programmatic media buying

Created about ten years ago by Anthony Spinasse and Olivier Goulon, Gamned is a pioneer and leader in programmatic media buying. The agency currently hires more than 160 employees, based in France, but also within its 6 international offices. For the most part, it helps advertisers and agencies to sustainably engage their audience through digital activations across all media and formats. Why choose programmatic advertising ? Discover everything in this article.

Why choose programmatic advertising and what are its challenges and advantages ?

In the field of advertising, programmatic buying refers to an automated process for buying selected advertising space as part of a defined media plan. An exclusively digital form of advertising, it is based on algorithms most often generated by artificial intelligence to determine the best advertising placement, by type of product and target audience ; all orchestrated by a real-time auction system. You can get more information through Gamned, the leader in programmatic media buying. The purchase of advertising space on the internet is constantly changing : since 2016, digital advertising investments have exceeded those of television advertising. Programmatic advertising makes it possible to ensure the relevance of the level of media investment in relation to the communication objectives of an advertiser.

Programmatic advertising therefore differs from more traditional advertising in that it guarantees the following elements :

  • Targeting the right audience ; 
  • Send the right message ; 
  • Broadcast at the right time ;
  • And on the right medium ; 
  • Buy at the right price.

Concretely, programmatic buying makes it possible to buy spaces in real time by allowing advertisers to reach a more targeted audience in the right place and on different media.

Thanks to TF1, Gamned benefits from a 360° digital vision

In November 2018, when the TF1 group confirms its takeover of the French programmatic pioneer, Gamned joins Unify, the TF1 group’s pure digital player entity, and participates in the implementation of systems aimed at transforming the approach to digital media. . Unify provides the programmatic expert with one of the keys to programmatic advertising : in-depth knowledge of consumers, in particular through the possibility of questioning Unify audiences and therefore of constantly adapting speeches and devices if changes in usage are detected. This place of choice, at the heart of the transition of digital media and changes in uses, allows Gamned to continue to innovate, by co-constructing offers adapted to the market and with an even finer dimension and knowledge of consumers. This makes it a company based on a three-party approach, i.e. digital, efficient and tailor-made.

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