Everything you need to know about the profession of welder



The welder is a professional responsible for assembling, installing and maintaining boilerwork or pipework. He can use different techniques depending on his field of work and shows great skill. However, it is a highly technical trade that cannot be improvised.

Job description

The welder assembles parts designed by pipe fitters and boilermakers. These include large boiler-made assemblies for industry, flanges, pipes, formed sheets, etc. Before starting the operation, he takes care to degrease and strip the parts to be welded in order to prepare them. To get a welder's job, visit the site.
In addition, the welder is provided with protective equipment (suit and mask) to protect himself from the risk of splashes. He activates the flame, connects the electrical contact and adjusts the current or flame intensity. He also sets the welding speed.
During welding, he keeps the device at a precise distance from the material to be welded. He also makes an assessment of the exposure time required for the operation. After finishing, he cleans the weld and polishes it.
The welder may work in a workshop or on a building site and usually works alone. They are constantly on their feet and often have to adopt uncomfortable positions. At the same time, it is compulsory for him to protect his face with a welding mask.

Education, training and wages

To become a welder, there are several training courses you can follow. For the CAP level, there is the CAP foundry trades, CAP metalworker, CAP industrial boiler making, etc. For the BAC level, there is the Bac Pro PM, the Bac Pro TRPM and the Bac Pro Industrial Boilermaking Technician.
Finally, there are training courses for the Bac+1, Bac+2 and Bac+3 levels.

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