2 accounting software programs most used by the French

For a company, digitalization starts with accounting. Doing your accounting in Excel spreadsheets can become difficult to manage for a company of any size. Innovations in the technology sector have made it possible to lighten this task thanks to accounting software. There are many different accounting software packages that offer various benefits. Let's discover 2 accounting software that the French use the most.

SAP software

An accounting software is a set of computer programs to perform all the tasks of accounting to establish the financial statements, calculate and count the profit of a company or a business in an exact period. You can get more information about accounting software by searching for its utilities for a company. Indeed, SAP stands for Systems, Application and Products in data Processing. It is a German brand that offers a complete ERP, available in several versions with modules adapted to each sector of activity. Its accounting duo module: SAP Financial and Costing, includes all the accounting entries for sales and purchases that are automatically transferred to the general accounts via the customer and/or supplier accounts as well as the cost accounts. The advantage of this accounting software is that it reduces the risk of redundancies and inconsistencies in information. It also improves coordination between the different departments or services of the company, which increases the productivity of the company.

Sage software

Sage is a publisher that offers a wide range of products divided into different subscriptions according to the objectives of the companies, which could make the visibility of the formulas and your choices quite complex. We distinguish 3 offers : Sage Business Cloud Compta & Facturation which is an invoicing and cash flow management software; Sage 50 cloud Ciel Compta which is software for established businesses; and the 100 cloud accounting which is suitable for companies wanting to work on their developments and growth. In general, the Sage tool facilitates accounting analysis, data collection and transmission, tax procedures and tax calculation.

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